Divorce/Jailhouse Fuck 10" Split


Limited to 250 copies

This 10" is a perfectly matched collision of Divorce and their Northern European equivalent Jailhouse Fuck. If anything, the Glasgow-based quartet are the nastier of the pair, with Cactusk an especially hateful, down-tempo outpouring of bile.
Jailhouse Fuck are fractionally more whimsical in their contributions. Only very slightly, mind, as this is still some intensely visceral stuff. Their opening number, Lick Your Stick, is built on some frantic guitar work as well as a chorus that's about as anthemic as this sort of unfettered catharsis gets. What results is a hideously good, brilliantly unpleasant fuck-you of an EP that courses with the enduring spirit of true punk rock abandon.

1. Cactusk
2. Stabby Stab

Jailhouse Fuck:
1. Lick Yout Stick
2. Doden
3. Thief Song
4. Vibrations

Jailhouse Fuck//Divorce split 10" by Sixsixsixties Records